MAGA COIN- An open-source peer-to-peer digital currency with a very low environmental footprint.

A cryptocurrency that offers diversified digital and global financial services to Maga Coin users in their daily life transactions.

Token ICO will start on Sep 24th 2021

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Welcome to the world of

Maga coin is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency with a very low environmental footprint. It is an independent coin whose value does not fluctuate either with the change in the prices of other cryptocurrencies or by a single person's tweet. A coin developed by the people, for the people. Its sole purpose is to serve people. MAGA Coin believes in the inclusive and utility benefits of cryptocurrency and delivering the same benefits to the users through exceptional blockchain technology.

Benefits of using MAGA Coin




Wallet transactions

Strong and independent

Loyalty and reward programs

A dedicated ICO for all
crypto lovers is here!

A cryptocurrency that offers diversified digital and global financial service to MAGA Coin users in their daily life transactions.

A global cryptocurrency that will also act as a bank account to its users.

MAGA Coin believes in the inclusive and utility benefits of cryptocurrency and delivering the same to the end-user through robust blockchain technology.

Infused with a stellar array of features, the Etherdieum ecosystem is here to stay. So why wait? Dab into the registration field to book your berths in the ICO event straight away!


Incentives MAGA Coin holders will get

Currently we offers about 15+ additional features for traders. Hurry up 11 of them are available only for early contributor

Preferential fees when using the ecosystem platform's services, with discounts up to 100% on some services.

Financial services through a digital bank platform with preferential rates and lower fees than other customers

Method of payment to external entities and cross border payments.

Access to receive custodial services for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Direct access to purchase digitized assets through an exchange platform.

Special events promoted by MAGA Coin and its strategic partners

Receive exclusive promotional offers.

Access to earn money through affiliate campaigns on some platforms.

Global money transfers rewards and low costs.

Participation in educational services and charitable related activities and projects of the MAGA Coin's partnered global legacy and inclusion foundation

Loyalty points as rewards for MAGA Coin holders use of its platform products and services.

MAGA Coin details

MAGA Coin is a utility token (ERC-20) to be used within the whole MAGA Coin’s business ecosystem.

MAGA Coin currency can be sent, spent, saved, or traded through the blockchain.

MAGA Coin tokens are not backed by fiat or other physical assets as it could be categorized as securities, and it will not be considered at this time.

MAGA Coin is not registered as a securities token offering (STO) in any country

MAGA Coin is utility token compliant.

Token Detail

  • Token name : MAGA Coin
  • Token symbol : MAGA
  • Decimal :10
  • Total supply : 20 BILLION
  • Token Standard :ERC-20
  • Price Of Single Coin :$ 0.00625
  • Token On Presale :4 BILLION
  • Acceptable Currency :USD,BTC, ETH,RIPPLE

Token Distribution

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  • 20% (4Billion) Token Sale (Private & Public)
  • 3 % Rewards
  • 40 % Founder Team
  • 2.7 % Marketing & Advisory
  • 33 % Reserved for Development
  • 1.3% (13 million) Exchange Liquidity

Fund Utilization

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  • 60 % Foundation (Assets backed coin)
  • 10 % Operations and Management
  • 10 % Marketing and Promotion
  • 10 % Technological Development and Innovation
  • 10 % Exchange Listing


  • 2021 Q1

    Thorough Market Research and Analysis

    2021 Q1

  • 2021 Q2

    Conceptualization of the project (MAGA Coin).

    Launch of the website.

    Telegram and Discord.

    Initiation of Pre-Sale Commencement of marketing campaigns to build social media presence.

    Continue capturing the market through different marketing strategies.

    2021 Q2

  • 2022

    MAGA Coin ICO completed.

    Commence the creation of MAGA Exchange


  • 2023

    Release of Debit Card Function to users

    Acceptable payment via ecommerce websites.


Cutting-edge feature of

Extremely secure way of making transactions.

Transactions completed in MAGA Coin are irreversible; no one can stop it.

No gatekeepers, which means you do not need anyone’s permission to use it.

One of the greatest features of MAGA coin is that it is high-speed. It only takes a few seconds to complete transactions.

Users are not geographically bound for the usage of the coin.

Anonymity can be maintained without revealing real-world information while using the coin.

Transactions done through MAGA Coin are immutable; they cannot be manipulated.

It has very low transactional fees.

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Advisory Board

We are a dedicated team of young and dynamic professionals from diversified backgrounds, including finance, technology, marketing, and commerce. With these diversified experiences, combined with knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, came our new project; MAGA Coin.


Brandon Pulice

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of MagaCoin Token, Support, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

  • General
  • Buying Magacoin

I am new to crypto, but I would like to buy MagaCoin Token, where do I start?

We are excited to welcome you to Magacoin’s "" Platform your pathway to buy Magacoin.

How can I get more involved about MagaCoin Project?

To learn more about MagaCoin Project please go to our whitepaper section and get an extended view of MagaCoin.

How do I contact the Magacoin support team?

For customer support or user feedback, contact us at

What are your communication channels?

We are glad to hear from you via our social media channels. For faster response, please use our Contact Us form. We strongly suggest not to share any personal/account-related information in public access.

Where can I buy MagaCoin?

You can buy on Platform which gives you access to a wide spectrum of benefits in our ecosystem, here you can buy, store MagaCoin. Also, you can buy on exchanges listed in future.

Which is the difference between the rounds?

There are different quarters of Sales rounds, you are welcome to join our Private Sale at any time. Keep in mind the sooner you participate, the better is the price per token you will get and the bonuses.

Do you offer any additional benefits for high volume investors?

Yes, MagaCoin reserves the right to negotiate special deals and discounts for individuals and/or brokers purchasing larger token amounts.

What currency can I use for buying MagaCoin token?

We currently accept purchases in Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH), Ripple and USD.

Where can I track my MagaCoin transaction?

You can find your MagaCoin transaction in one of the following block explorers by using your transaction ID or hash which can be found in your order overview.

How do I get more MagaCoins?

You can visit our platform to get more information